Whimsical and Quirky Oslo

The adventure has begun!
I landed in Oslo two days ago and from my first glimpse of the city through the airport link train window my mind settled on the words whimsical and quirky. The architecture is somewhere between traditional and outlandish.

Even the old castles are haphazardly glorious. (Do you see what this place has done to my vocabulary??)

Probably my absolute favorite building is the Opera house. Not just because it's so striking, but also because it's apparently designed to look like an iceberg, SO THAT THE PEOPLE ON TOP OF IT LOOK LIKE PENGUINS. HECK YES.

Oslo also has some truly unique museums, like the Viking ship museum, which has actual Viking ships that were used for burrials and then covered in dirt which preserved them incredibly, down to details like the patterns on fabrics that were worn!

Probably my favourite part of Oslo, however was the Vigeland park. Partly because I love statues, they are my favorite form of art, and partly I love the motivation behind the art. I've heard a couple of stories, but the one that sounds pretty likely is that the guy who created the incredibly expressioned and passionate statues made them while dealing with an internal struggle with conflict between his religion and sexuality. The other part that I adore is that all the statues are naked. Apparently this is because without clothes you see people as they are, with no class or career to make you judge them differently. What a truly beautiful thought.

In summary, Oslo has some of the most delightful structures, both large and small.

Now I'm off North to go bobsledding and see the sun try to set and fail. 💚🇳🇴

Have you been to Norway? What was your favourite thing to see or do here?

xo Cait

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