The Kiwi is Back in the Nest

Hi all! 

It's been a while since I filled you in on what I'm doing with my life, so here's a wee update. 

I'm back in New Zealand! 
NZ has a fun little clause in the student loan system that says you are only allowed to be outside of NZ for 6 months before you have to start paying back large chunks of your loan. My contract was an internship contract so money was not really a thing I had, and what I did have I didn't want to part with. Luckily I managed to negotiate working from Wellington for my last 2 weeks so I made it back with a few days to spare. 

I went to South Africa! 
It was my gran's (Ouma, in Afrikaans) 90th birthday! I obviously had to be there, so I hopped over. South Africa is gorgeous, and I rank it as one of my top places to visit. It's cheap, stunningly beautiful, and has some incredible culture to explore. 

I got a job!
Well, two jobs, and a side job. The more exciting one is a perfectly timed 1 month contract with Scouts New Zealand! I'm working in Adult and Youth Development which is a huge passion of mine, and I am so excited to be part of some of the awesome projects that are going on. Volunteering with Scouts is one of the biggest sources of self development and joy in my life, so it's amazing to be able to work for them as well!

My next adventure starts in 16 days!!!
I'm meeting up with various groups of awesome friends and family as I go, and it is going to be a blast!

This is the agenda(ish):

7/7 Wellington to Oslo

9-23/7 Topdeck World Moot-pre-tour (Norway, Finland, Estonia)
24/7 fly to Reykjavik, Iceland 
25/7 - 2/8 World Moot 
3/8 fly to Manchester, bus to Doncaster
6-8/8 UK

7-10/8 World Scout Youth Forum in Gabala
11-13/8 World Scout Forum-conference-interevent (Sheki, Absheron)
14-18/8 World Scout Conference in Baku

19-21/8 Istanbul 
21-26/8 Athens

29-30/8 NYC
31-1/9 Washington DC
2-3/9 Edmonton
3/9 Calgary
5-6/9 Banff National Park
7-8/9 Jasper National Park
9-10/9 Vancouver

11/9 Seattle
12-13/9 San Fran
14-15/9 Yosemite
17/9 Death Valley
18-19/9 Las Vegas & Hoover
20-22/9 Grand Canyon
23/9 Joshua Tree National Park
24/9 LA

24/9 Home time :( (Fly LA to Auckland via Fiji)
25/9 Auckland-Wellington

It's a full-on itinerary, and we are trying to pack in a whole lot of everything! There will be camping, couch surfing, hotels, buses, planes, trains, and possibly a couple of boats! I'm seeing 6 entirely new countries and new parts of an 7th. Part of my trip involves helping decide policy for one of the largest youth organisations in the world, and taking part in a scout camp with over 5000 participants from around the world. 

On top of all that - I'm planning to do it all on a carry on backpack and with as little waste as possible. 
Bring it on!

Are any of you in these places when I am? I'd love to meet up! Leave me a comment or flick me a message! :) 

See you somewhere!

xo Cait

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(I want you to... ;) )

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