Zero Waste Grocery Shopping in Kuala Lumpur

I made a YouTube!

I've had a few lovely people start asking me questions about doing Zero Waste stuff and living in a less wasteful way. It's pretty awesome to see people getting curious, and really special that they ask me, of all people, for advice. I'm hugely flattered. :)

On the suggestion of one of these fabulous people I have made a wee video of my zero waste shopping routine video, and I hope that it shows some more people that shopping in a lower plastic way is super simple and (this may just be me...) way more fun! I especially love that this way of consuming has made me more aware of where my food is coming from, what it looks like, and what processes it has undergone to get to me.

Without further ado -

Thanks so much for watching, and reading! I'd love to hear some questions or thoughts you have on zero waste and how you can take steps towards doing it too!

Keep being kind and fabulous!

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