Zero Waste Vegan Overnight Oats

Hi all!

So since I moved to Malaysia I have been very aware of the different animal welfare standards over here. The only place I have found free range eggs was a single expat super market and they were suuuper expensive, AND imported. Dairy isn't really a thing here, so its all imported too, which makes its carbon footprint even bigger.

The inevitable result of this though process is pretty much veganism, so I have had to come up with a bunch of new recipes! They need to be pretty high protein to sustain my gym habit, and made of ingredients that I can actually get here package free (harder than it sounds).

Here's the first one - Vegan Overnight Oats on Steroids. going to the gym at 7am means I only have 15 minutes to get breakfast in my face and I cant make a triple batch twice a week in 10 minutes before going to bed. Genius.

1 cup oats (I use rolled oats from my local bulk food store, so they are zero waste)
1 tbsp flax seeds (these puppies pack a protein punch - about 2g in the tablespoon - and also have omega-3 fatty goodness!)
1 tbsp chia seeds (another 2g of protein, fibre, omega-3, B vitamins, basically everything)
2 tbsp pumpkin seeds (all the good stuff, and a bit of texture)

Mix that all up in a jar and add 1-2 cups of liquid, depending on how sloppy ou like your oats. Remember that all of the ingredients above absorb a lot of water, and chia and flax both get a slimy goo layer when soaked so the mixture will get a bit sticky.

Personally I usually go with some combination of soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk and water depending on what I have lying around and how rich I am feeling.

Serve your oats with whatever you fancy or just eat them plain. Combinations I have tried so far include:
banana and peanut butter
blue berries and honey
maple syrup
pawpaw and raw peanuts
raw peanuts and dragon fruit (this one was a bit weird.... but tasty :D )
mango and banana

Other ones I have seen around are pumpkin, cinnamon and maple syrup, strawberry compote, coconut and carrots (!!??), and chocolate. Each to their own I guess!

I'd love some more breakfast ideas (tofu scramble maybe?) so let me know if you have any!
Stay strong, stay kind my lovelies! <3

xo Cait

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