I Moved to Malaysia!

I am a minimum of 8 hours flight away from my closest family members, in a country I know nothing about and had never been to before, living with two other people who I have never met before, doing work in an area I only have abstract experience in.

This is my latest adventure, and I am loving it. 

About 3 months ago I had just finished my degree and was doing the first job that I found, which I wasn't loving. I had just started looking for something else to move into when a friend of mine reached out and told me that the World Scout Bureau was looking for a couple of interns at their Kuala Lumpur office. Anyone who knows me will know that Scouting is a huge part of my life and the main channel through which I try to give back to my communities, so naturally I jumped at the chance to apply. 

After a dramatic series of events, challenges, interviews, and intense conversations on the pros and cons of unpaid internships when I am trying to save up for a big trip next year - I was offered the internship and accepted it. I was also offered the chance to go to the United Nations (a whole separate application process with even more interviews) which conveniently fell immediately  before my internship was supposed to begin. 22 days later I was on a plane to New York for 10 days of diplomacy and trying to pull non-formal education a bit more into the spotlight. I had an amazing time in NYC, and then flew straight from there to Kuala Lumpur, my new home for 6 months. 

So far it has been outstanding. The people and friendly and interesting, the food is diverse and gloriously tasty, and there are loads of things to do. I am loving discovering the hidden gems as much as the huge tourist attractions, and have been trying to go to new places to eat at least twice a week (eating out here is often about the same price as cooking!) to discover new flavours. The only thing I have struggled to adjust to is the weather, its SO hot and humid compared to New Zealand, which is taking some getting used to!

Veganism is proving another challenge in  KL, but I am working on it. Luckily the high percentage of Hindu people here means that if all else fails I can usually find a nice tasty vegan curry! :)

If you have any suggestions of must-see things and must-eat dishes for Malaysia PLEASE leave me a comment, or if you have any delicious vegan recipes!

Keep being fierce, and grabbing life by the horns. <3 

xo Cait

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