Zero Waste Shopping Day

It's amazing how many people who I tell about my zero waste mission absolutely cannot fathom how this could be possible. The answer is so simple they always seem to leave suspicious  - markets and bulk bins. Pretty much anything your heart desires can be found at one of these places, and to be honest, your local supermarket works for many things too. Just avoid all the other isles where temptation lurks (darnit TimTams, why you in plastic though?!). 

So here is my photo story of a shopping trip with all my own bags and jars. Enjoy!

The dry stuff (and oil) from a collection of Commonsense Organics, Moshims, and Binn Inn, depending on what I happen to be close to that week. 

One of the only cleaning products you'll ever need.

The fruit and veg at the market on Sunday, either in town or in my suburb, depending where I woke up that morning. #scoutlife 

 Cheap broccoli - kid approved. 

And finally the other bits, like meats and cheeses, which I get from delis in my own jars. Even New World (one of our bigger grocery store chains) will put things from the deli in your jars, just tell them you've done it there before. :)

And that's pretty much it. In terms of things I can't buy without packaging, most of them are relatively easy to make, like crackers and wraps, and even toothpaste!

I'd love to hear any zero waste hacks that you have found, so flick me a message and we can share it with the world. I'm also on the hunt for a better dal recipe. Any suggestions? 

Stay lovely! 

xo Cait

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