Wraps - Zero Waste Style!

I used to eat a loooot of wraps (wheat tortillas), they are a great way to transport yummy, slightly sloppy food into your mouth, and make excellent pizza bases. Unfortunately, they also come covered in single use plastic, which I'm trying to eliminate from my life. 

Today one of the fabulous people on a Facebook page I follow, Zero Waste Wellington, posted a super easy looking wrap recipe and I was craving enchiladas, so I tried it. My first attempt wasn't flawless and I didn't have coconut milk so used dairy milk, making these not vegan this time around. I'll definitely try that tomorrow though as I started making a batch of coconut milk tonight. 

So anyway, here is my new favourite wheat tortilla recipe and my low waste enchilada recipe! 

Wraps - 
250g flour (I get mine in bulk from Commonsense Organics)
2 tsp sugar (same as above!)
1/2 tsp salt (and this too!)
1/2 tsp baking powder (I managed to find this package free at Moshims in Wellington)
110-130 mL milk (possibly even water? I'll try that at some point)
2 TB oil
Mix flour, sugar, salt and baking powder. Mix milk and oil separately. 
Make a well in the dry ingredients, add wet ingredients and mix until a soft dough forms (adding more milk/water if necessary).
Split into 6 portions. Get a dry pan on the stove and start heating it up, it'll need to be scorching!
Roll out the balls very thin with lots of flour (like 2mm). 
Pop the thin dough in the super hot pan and dry fry (no oil) for about 30 sec each side, or until bubbles form and turn light golden brown. 
Ta -da! Wraps! 
Do be careful not to overcook them or they get all crunchy and less flexible. As long as they are cooked just enough you can use they as wraps the next day. 

The filling I used was a fabulous chili with loads of veggies, beans and lentils. This is an excellent way to use all the veggies that were still sitting in my fridge before my weekly market shop tomorrow. The recipe is pretty flexible, but here's what I used - 

1/2 onion
a celery stalk
2 cloves garlic, minced
2cm ginger, minced
2cm turmeric, minced
1 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp cumin powder
2 tsp paprika
1/2 cup tomato puree
1 disheveled looking tomato
2 carrots (they were a bit floppy, so I roasted them first to make them nice and sweet)
1 broccoli stem, chopped into little bits
1 cup corn
1 cup red kidney beans
2 cups cooked lentils (I chuck all the bigger veggie scraps in the water with my lentils and they give them some flavour while they cook, just pull the chunks out before you mix everything up)
1 packed cup of limp kale
Chili sauce 

Chuck all the bits up to tomato in a frying pan and cook until reduced. 
Chuck everything else in and cook for a couple of minutes. Make sure you add the softest things last so they don't get over cooked. I added my kale after I had turned off the stove so it wilted rather than really cooking. Yay vitamins! 

Next, ASSEMBLE THE AVENGERS! Or "enchiladas" (I use that word very loosely, these are a kiwi-ised version of an Americanised recipe).

Load in your filling, top with cheese if you are that way inclined, roll 'em up, and pack them into a baking tray (I greased mine, but I don't think it was necessary). 

Top with salsa and MOAR CHEESE. Now bake at 180 until the cheese is melted and the salsa starts browning.

The wraps will get a bit crispy around the edges, which is awesome!

These are also fabulous the next day as leftovers. Lunch, sorted!

If you make the wraps a teeny bit thicker they work well for thin crust pizza bases. Just divide into 4 pieces instead of 6 and roll to about 3-4mm. Those are another fantastic waste free, easy peasy dinner or lunch. :D
I hope you enjoyed these recipes! I'll try be better about blogging my other zero waste recipes in future. 
If you have any ideas of things that are easily made from scratch with fresh produce and package free bulk goods I'd LOVE to hear them so leave me a comment or send a message! Double points if they use all the weird bits that normally end up in the compost. 
xo Cait

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