Fat "Jokes"

It saddens me how many of the wonderful women I am friends with on facebook share and post 'joking' comments about their weight. 

Every day on Facebook I see self-deprecating posts about being skinny or working off calories at the gym, or feeling guilty for not going for that run disguised as jokes. They are memes, quotes, and pictures of puppies eagerly demolishing a bowl of food with captions. They are not personally typed admissions that "I think I am fat, it makes me sad, and I wish I was less fat".

Why is this? Is it because we realise that typing the sentence would reveal to the world our programmed insecurities? Is it because we know that people will give their programmed response of "oh hun you aren't fat", or "sure you could lose a few kilos but men like curves", or "you're still skinnier than me!"

Do we hide behind humour because it is an acceptable way to share our deepest insecurities and have someone laugh along, like our post, and secretly share that they feel the same way too? To reassure us that we are not alone in our self hate?

I wonder if it actually helps people to know they aren't alone? Or is it just another reminder that we should be worried about our weight? That we are somehow worth less if we don't fit into the size zero space that society has carved out for us?

Personally I just find those posts make me feel sad. Sad to be reminded to judge myself and ask those "am I too big" or "am I too lumpy" questions. Sad to know that my friends and loved ones ask those questions. Sad that it is accepted in society to laugh at someone sharing their insecurities rather than asking them if they are ok.

So next time you want to share a joking image about your weight please take a second to look after you. 

Don't share that 'funny' self-deprecating image. 

Talk to a friend. 

Take some time out and look after yourself. 

Lots of love, 
xo Cait