5 Ingredient Aioli

I recently read some really interesting stats about recycling. We like to think that recycling makes everything ok, but when you actually think about it that bottle still had to be made in the first place. 

In line with this new train of thought I am trying to make a bunch more of the things that I currently buy. I started with a nice tomato chutney, and almost embarrassingly easy salsa, and this week decided to try making aioli to go on my burgers. 

If you really like olive oil then go for mostly olive oil, personally I find it a bit too rich so used some rice bran oil in there as well to take the flavour down a notch.

I forgot to take pictures so this one is from the Jaime Oliver page that I adapted this recipe from.

1 free-range egg
1 free-range egg yolk
2 tsp Dijon or wholegrain mustard 
1 1/4 cups olive oil (or part-olive-part-other-oil)
2 tsp lemon juice

Salt and pepper to taste

Chuck your garlic, a pinch of salt, and a grind of pepper in the blender bowl with about a teaspoon of oil. Whiz until slightly choppedy looking (yes, that's the technical term...) then scoop out and set aside. 

Into the same blender chuck your egg and mustard, and whiz until just combined. Start adding the oil a tablespoonish at a time, with intermittent whizzing, until about half of it is in there. Once its half in the rest can be added in bigger glugs. 

As you add more oil and whiz the mixture should start thickening and becoming smooth and slightly fluffy. If not - whiz more. 

Once the oil is all added and the mixture is nice and gloopy, kind of like not quite whipped cream, add in your garlic mixture from earlier as well as your lemon juice and whiz until combined. 

I forgot to take photos, so stole this one from the internet.

If you are feeling adventurous you could add some other flavours at this point, like paprika, chipotle, oregano, lemon zest, rosemary, or even lavender flowers.

Have a wee taste and season with more salt and pepper as you like it.

That's it! So easy, so yummy, no funny ingredients, and no extra packaging! It's also dairy free, and possibly paleo... depending on your definition.... :)

Go forth and sauce, my little ones. <3 

xo Cait