4 Ingredient Salsa

This is such a super simple recipe that looks great and adds a delightful flavour kick to just about anything! I love it on wraps, nachos, sandwiches, mixed into salads for a lazy lunch, or with some nice corn chips.

Your 4 ingredients are:
1-2 tomatoes
1/2ish red onion 
a big handful of coriander leaves
a quarter of a fresh chili, seeds removed
(a handful of finely diced of capsicum if you like it, but I don't so I leave it out)

You may also wish to add a pinch of salt, but usually I leave it out.

Dice your chili and roughly chop the onion and chuck them in a food processor. Pulse until they are semmi-combined, but not too much. The onion should still be nice and chunky.

Chop your tomato into chunks and add, along with the coriander leaves, then pulse until the desired consistency is reached.

If you are adding capsicum chuck it in now and stir to combine. 

Ta daaa! Homemade salsa in 2 minutes that is healthier, cheaper, and tastier than buying the stuff in a bottle. The best part is its also 100% plastic free if you buy all the ingredients loose.