White Wine Sangria

Parties and having friends over are two of my most favourite things, and what goes better with partying than delicious drinks!?

Sangria is traditionally made with red wine, orange juice or lemonade, and brandy. I'm not a fan of brandy or red wine so I tweaked the recipe..... a lot. I also make it in a 10 liter bucket, because I'm fancy like that and I'm usually make it for 30 or more people.

So, for your 10 liter bucket-
3 liters of cheap white wine (yes friends, that's a whole box)
3 liters of orange juice with apple base
3 liters of lemonade
0.5 liter of vodka - passionfruit flavour works well if you can get it
1 can of peach slices in juice
2 oranges sliced
2 lemons sliced

Chuck it all in your bucket and mix. Serve in recycled glass jars if you are a broke student like me! :) You could also call it hipster and use paper straws in your jars.

I may have consumed several of these puppies when I last made my sangria so I actually don't have any photos. I'll try find some to put up later. Here are some random pictures from my last party instead. 
 See the mason jar with the straw in it? That has punch in it! 

I made some of my amazing Chocolate chip cookie mix and couldn't be bothered rolling balls so flattened the whole lot into a tray and cooked it in a slab. Worked pretty well!
Got any cool punch recipes you'd like to share? Leave me a comment! :)

xo Cait