Tiny House

Recently Boy mentioned Tiny Houses. I had heard of them before but had never really thought about them as a possibility for my own future. Tiny houses are exactly what they sound like - small houses, often only a few square meters, that people live in in an attempt to either avoid crippling mortgages or simplify their lives. 

One theory is 'if you get rid of all the unnecessary stuff what do you make room for?' which is an interesting question. Personally I don't know if living in a space as big as the average bathroom is really a long term option for me, but it definitely could be short term. It would certainly be a really great way to save a huge amount of money which I could then use for all the cool adventures I want to go on. 

I currently pay $190 a week for rent, power, rates, etc. and some people in New Zealand have made tiny houses for under $25000. By my calculations that means that I could build my own house using 2 and a half years' rent money. It's a pretty tempting idea.

There aren't many people in New Zealand joining the trend yet so almost all of the information available is American which makes it a bit tricky to figure out if it's really realistic. I did manage to find a cool YouTube channel called Living Big in a Tiny House which is pretty great, and is based in New Zealand so that's helpful. The other website that has been great to read is DIY House Building

They made their own tiny house in Auckland and have some cool pages about other alternative building methods like Cob building (I now kind of want to make a cob pizza oven). 

I even drew up a few ideas of my own in Sketchup, which I think turned out pretty well considering I have never done anything like it. 

Check out my snazzy looking sleeping loft! I shall call her the Nest.

Most of the plans I have found involve the bathroom and the kitchen both being down the towing end with the loft above them. If I can manage it I'd rather avoid having my loo a meter from the kitchen. Boy says that won't work because it will make the plumbing dumb and the weight badly distributed. He is probably right, but I will dream on.

The view from underneath so you get an idea of the floor plan. 

So yeah, this is now a think I am thinking about. Its probably just a pipe dream. Ask me again in a year.

Do you know anyone who has made anything like this? Or have any thoughts on living in a smaller space? Let me know in the comments! :)

xo Cait