Cheat's Quiche

Easiest recipe ever and crazy delicious. Also looks solidly fancy for when you have fancy people over and want to pretend that you are also fancy. Cant be made in ALL the flavours and makes a great veggie smuggler. 

The recipe is more of a ratio as it depends how big your pan is and what veggie to egg ratio you feel like. I used a small but kinda deep cake tin and filled it right to the top with veggies and then to almost over flowing with eggy goodness. If thats not your thing then try putting as many eggs in their shells as you can fit in the tin and use that as a base for how many eggies to add. 

cream cheese (about a tablespoon for every egg)
feta cheese 
cheese (parmesan is great because it adds flavour without the extra fat)

I like using left over roasted veggies in this, like pumpkin, kumara (sweet potato), carrot, asparagus and onion, and maybe a few fresh bits like broccoli and spinach. You can also chuck in some other cheeses (feta is always a good one) or some little slices of bacon. 

Smear a bit of butter around your pan so things don't stick. Roll out your pastry nice and thin to line the pan and pop it in. If your pastry is thicker you'll need to pre-cook it to make sure it cooks on the bottom, I make it thin because I'm lazy, and put it near the bottom element. Put your eggs and cream cheese in the blender and buzz it til its well combined.

Layer in your veggies, and feta cheese, (and bacon, and anything else you fancy if you are using them), chuck in a bit of pepper to taste. 

Pour eggy goodness over everything, then grate some cheese on top. 
Bake your quiche at about 180 until the egg is set. (Mine took about 30 minutes)

That's all folks! Easy peasy. 

xo Cait