A city I used to hate but might be starting to like

Auckland is New Zealand's biggest city and contains over 30% of our population. Because of this it is the only place where some jobs exist (NZ is a rather small country), so I will probably end up living there at some point. It also has a pretty bad rep for being full of unfriendly people and having high crime rates. So I decided to check things out for myself and spend a few days there. There is also a boy there, which helps.

Unfortunately it rained most of the time I was there but I still managed to pick and eat a good few kilos of oranges from Boy's trees. We also walked on the beach, which seemed like a good idea at the time.

Overall, Auckland isn't so bad. It has a lot of good bits and quirky things and I met some lovely people. I do see what people mean about the people though, nobody smiles back on the street and people will walk into you and push you out the way without a thought, which kinda sucks.

I was staying a bit outside Auckland on Boy's lifestyle block (think mini-farm), one of the advantages of which was the proximity to Hallertau, a gorgeous brewbar and restaurant in the middle of not-very-much. I'm not usually a beer drinker but the brews they make here are quite outstanding. They also make an marvelous venison burger which I would highly recommend. 

My favourite day was our central city day, where we walked around and just looked at stuff. We stopped in at Moustache, a milk and cookie bar in the city for hot chocolate and cookies, which was amazing.

We ended the day with an absolutely splendid dinner 190 meters up in the air in the sky tower. The rotating restaurant does delicious food and cocktails, with a 360 degree view of the city below. I had a mind blowing three course meal of roast pork belly, beef fillet, and the fanciest dressed raspberry mousse I've ever seen. 

And did I mention the view? 

And then we went dancing. This was my ride.

The last fabulous foody thing we did in Auckland was to hunt down the night market. I'm a massive fan of markets of all kinds but my favourites are the ones where you can try loads of different street food from different places around the world in one place. And that is exactly what we did. 

Auckland certainly isn't my favourite city so far but it's not half as bad as it's made out to be and if I do ever get offered a good job there I wouldn't hesitate to consider moving. In the mean time, I shall continue loving living in Wellington and tolerating living in Christchurch. 

Until the next great adventure, ta ta darlings!

xo Cait