Yes, I am a Feminist

Hi friends,

I wish I lived in a world where people hit on me with lines like 'You are a funny' or 'You are smart' rather than 'You are hot'.

Anyone can wear a push up bra and make up, my body is not what makes me a worth while human being. Prove you are listening to me, not that your eyes work.

If Im upset I dont need to be told Im beautiful. I need to be told people love me and that I am a smart, funny, lovable person who will get to where she wants to be eventually. Beauty fades, personality doesn't.

It upsets me when I upload photos to Facebook and the only comments are how pretty I look, regardless of what I may be doing or where I may be. A photo of me with my hair done gets 87 likes when a photo of me in scrubs volunteering in a hospital gets none. 

So if being upset by rape jokes and angered by the way my body is objectified makes me a feminist then bring it on.

xo Cait