'Skinny noodles'

I recently stumbled across a blog called The Londoner and it mentioned using thinly sliced, boiled cabbage instead of pasta

After my initial gag reflex I decided that it was worth a shot purely because I happened to need to get rid of a cabbage and, by Jove, it works. When the cabbage is boiled and covered in sauce you really can't tell that it's cabbage but it still transports sauce to your mouth in a fashion that makes it 'not soup'. The texture is fine too, if slightly different to spaghetti and other pastas, and its gluten free / dairy free / egg free / soy free / paleo / low carb / high fiber. Win!

To make your 'noodles' just thinly slice your cabbage so you get nice strips, chuck into a pot and cover with boiling water. Boil for 3-5 minutes or until the solid bits are soft.  

Yes, that's all. Now top with your favourite sauces and enjoy! 

I also sometimes add julienned carrots when I'm cooking my cabbage if I have one lying around going soft.

Personally I'm loving mixing mine with tomato pasta sauce, some tuna, a pinch of chili and a bit of cheese. Top with basil for a bit of fancy. 

For best results eat straight from the pot. This also saves on dishes.

Let me know if you have any great veggies-replacing-wheaty-things recipes by leaving a comment below. :)

xo Cait