Scout's Honour

This weekend I had the chance to help out at a regional Venturer* camp with my Rover Crew. We did the catering for the event which meant cooking three meals a day for around 50 people. Needless to say - I had a ball.

The camp was three full days and we spent most of our time in the kitchen with a bit of socialising in between and a few big group discussions. We were up at a bit after 6 in the morning to get breakfast ready and start lunch and dinner preparation. This was my least favourite bit. I don't do mornings.

One of my favourite recipes from the camp was 'Deviled Sausages' which I had never actually eaten before. It basically involves cooking sausages, onions and apples in a diluted tomato sauce and BBQ sauce mix until all the lovely flavors merge and the apples are well cooked. Scrummy! And dirt cheap which is probably why we had it.

I also threw together this lovely, giant bacon and egg pie for lunch on the last day. Isn't it pretty!

For those of you in other countries, Venturers and Rovers are branches of Scouts NZ, a co-ed youth organisation. Venturers are Scouts aged from 14 to 18, and Rovers are like adult scouts aged 18 to 26 who focus on service projects.

I have been involved in scouts since I was 13 and love it. Its a great organisation that teaches you many life skills and opens up so many opportunities. To give you a few examples - through scouts I have hosted a radio station, climbed several mountains, learned to pitch a tent and run a camp, gained leadership skills, met hundreds of new people, helped break a world record, and  learned to fly an aeroplane.

Thanks for reading!

xo Cait