Oh hi

So, I realized I haven really done a personal post yet, which kinda defeats the purpose of having an online diary. 

University and I are having a wee disagreement at the moment because all the courses I thought could be pretty interesting resulted in me repeatedly slamming my head into my desk while crying and trying to work out what was going on. For this I blame the fact that my university is horrifically out of sync with expected industry practices. 

One of my courses, for example, is taught by a man who I am pretty sure rode a dinosaur to school. He speaks slightly slower than your average tectonic plate moves and is slightly less interesting to watch. This gentleman, bless his cotton socks, spent almost a whole term (read - 6 weeks of my life I will never get back) talking about sort algorithms. 

I will spare you the dreary details and just say that the moral of the story is 'never use any of these they are all really slow and you can write a better algorithm in half the time or just import one of the many built in ones'. But of course we couldn't do that. We had to learn to write all of these different methods from scratch for our assignment. This was a compulsory paper.

And this is somehow supposed to be making me an expert in the field of computer science. 

The reason I am here to begin with is that I don't entirely know what on earth I am doing with my life, and mum said it was a good idea. I'm not dissing uni completely, it certainly has its place. For example I probably wouldn't allow a self taught doctor with a degree from the University of Internets to operate on me, or let a similarly qualified biologist advise parliament (though sometimes I do wonder....), or a guy who 'kinda has a good feeling about it' build a skyscraper. In saying that I know loads of over qualified people who work in call centers to pay off their degree in international relations because, let's face it, there just aren't that many jobs in some fields. I just really don't believe that computer science as it is currently taught should be a 3 year degree with dumb prerequisites.

So getting back to my point - I am trying to work out what to do and it's rather stressful. This blog is a way I am trying to channel my frustration and anxiety into something productive. I also keep losing the bits of paper I write recipes on, so its easier to keep them here and an excuse to take photos of my food.

I draw when I'm stressed, here is what I have been feeling for the last few years.
Yeah, visual aids are so hip right now.

That's all for now folks!
xo Cait