Everything Free Pancakes

Pancakes are great. Everyone loves pancakes. Well, every sane person loves pancakes. You can stack them, cover them in honey, eat them as a meal or as desert or just to make you feel better.

My mum is gluten free (well eating gluten free, so that makes her gluten free right?) and so she convinced me to try banana-egg pancakes which is just a single egg and a single big-ish banana in a blender. They are ok but nothing amazing, so I tweaked it slightly.

2 eggs
1.5 big bananas (use the other half as toppings)
2 tbsp almond flour
pinch of cinnamon

Chuck it all in a blender, blend until there are no chunks of banana left. Heat a frying pan to a medium heat and add a bit of oil. Fry in smallish blobs. Serve with all the yummy things, like banana, berries, yogurt, a dash of runny honey.

Size does matter with bananas, so do a tester pancake first and add more almond flour if you need to make it firmer. Firmness also matters.

 Yes, I did make a C shaped pancake from the last few drops. I am a grown ass woman and I can make my pancakes whatever shape I want. So there.

Have a super day!

xo Cait